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There’s been a lot of shit going on in the subway this past week but none that really top what happened on the Q train yesterday. Some ratchet chick decided to turn a pretty empty car into a fuckin’ slip-n-slide. Yes, she was sliding around the floor of the subway car on her stomach like a massive walrus. I believe one commenter put it the best way possible: I think she just caught the herpagonasyphilaids. Ha! She would be lucky if that’s all she got.






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I mean they asked nicely multiple times and then you’re gonna square up with one of them? Then swing at the officer too? Just step off the train, say your peace and this could’ve all been avoided. Instead you’re spending the night in jail and face time behind bars. Pretty sure in Colombia they would’ve been shot on spot.

Side note: Gotta love the off duty cop who still wants in on the action




Pair of shorts? Check. Two t-shirts? Check. Sunglasses? Check. OK, ready to hit 40MPH on a longboard behind a pickup truck. The fact that I’m still feeling sore from throwing a football this past weekend and this asshole was able to walk off rolling down the street like a tumbleweed pisses me off to no end.






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Man bored at work in office


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Reason #3,241 NOT to have kids. I don’t know if this woman is his mother or not but I’m blaming her for this shit. Kid needs to be cracked in the face for this behavior. Nothing wrong with flexing a little muscle every now and then. Even the guy off camera knew the kid must be on some kind of meds. And if he really did take his medication today, then I think we need to up the dosage, stat!





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