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Gothamist: A man survived a scary close encounter with the A train in Manhattan that was captured in a disturbing video. The tipster who sent us a copy of the video told us they believed it was shot at the 175th Street station: “The man on the tracks in this video is clearly on something as his friend is pleading with him to get off the tracks.” Warning: the man did survive the incident, but it is still very unnerving footage to say the least. A man survived a scary close encounter with the A train in Manhattan that was captured in a disturbing video. The tipster who sent us a copy of the video told us they believed it was shot at the 175th Street station: “The man on the tracks in this video is clearly on something as his friend is pleading with him to get off the tracks.” Warning: the man did survive the incident, but it is still very unnerving footage to say the least. As for how the tipster got the video in the first place, they told us the person who took the video initially posted it online before facing a backlash from commenters. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz says the incident occurred this past winter, on December 28th, 2013, around 3:15 a.m. “The male originally refused medical aid but was forced to go to Columbia Presbyterian hospital as an emotionally disturbed person with EMS,” Ortiz explained.


OK so this happened a while back but only now is a video surfacing. I give a lot of credit to the guys trying to help but there comes a time when you can only do so much for a disturbed person. Thankfully for him he didn’t touch the third rail and was lying in the subway well so the train passed over him. Pretty crazy shit.





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O.M.G! Probably could’ve done without one of those this morning but I guess that’s now in every females vocabulary these days. Love how cool this construction worker plays it the entire time. Like yea, he knows the apartment is going up like it’s made of hay but there’s a ton of people watching from the adjacent building. Gotta Bruce Willis his way out of this one.

Side note: That swing onto the next level balcony was nuts. I might have taken my chances with the fire.


Now I can see why this weather might cause some issues for the search vessels. Looks like these people are just trying to survive themselves–let alone find a broken up plane in the ocean.




James Brady, 32 (a construction worker at 1 World Trade Center); Andrew Rossig, 33; Marko Markovich, 26; and Kyle Hartwell, 29 were charged with reckless endangerment, burglary and BASE jumping for the September 30, 2013 incident. (Burglary is a felony, while reckless endangerment and BASE jumping are misdemeanors.) In the criminal complaint Detective Driton Gashi states, “I have seen video footage that shows defendants James Brady, Andrew Rossig, and Marko Markovich jump from the steel support rings on the 105th floor of One World Trade Center, deploy parachutes during their descent, and land on the open streets below where drivers and pedestrians were traveling, thereby creating a substantial risk of serious physical injury to those people.”


Obviously it takes a huge set of balls to pull of what these guys did but I was thinking more about the people on the ground. Imagine coming home from the bar at 4am and parachuters starting landing around you in downtown Manhattan? That’s some Red Dawn kind of shit right there. I would’ve thought for sure we were being invaded. And how much would it have sucked to survive that jump and then get crushed by a taxi upon landing? Ironic to say the least. Also, people know that when you post something to Youtube, others can see it right? Like you’ve just incriminated yourself on a felony charge and will most likely lose your job. Hopefully the money you make from the Youtube views will help with that unemployment bail.

Side note: Is anyone else a little worried how much free access people have had to the new Freedom Tower?! I would like to think this would be one of the most protected buildings in NY at this point but what do I know?




“Wait the map’s upside down” part nailed it on the head. The idiots running this search have no idea what’s going on and I’m convinced will never find this plane. Currently the answer is let’s search half of the world for this plane which could be anywhere. Courtney Love has better theories than the Malaysian government who has basically clapped their hands like a blackjack dealer getting off a shift in a casino. The sad part is that these families have no idea where their loved ones are and don’t want to give up hope but that’s hard to do when they have no information.


Has everyone heard this story? Playboy model Liz Dickson allowed comedian Kevin Klein to drive a golf ball teed up off her ass and sure enough, he stubbed the shot. Now Dickson is suing for $500,000 for pain and suffering claiming it took $33,000 to treat the injury. Look, I get that it was probably really painful and Liz is now out of work until that bowling ball sized bruise is gone, but did no one have her sign a waiver prior to doing this? She’s the idiot who let an amateur golfer stuff a tee down her ass and whack a golf ball. And if you’re the comedian, how did you not see this coming a mile away. Of course she’s going to sue you after this. She was probably gonna do it either way despite the outcome. This is ‘Murica damnit.

In other news they still haven’t found this goddamn plane.





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Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 10.47.27 AM

OK let’s talk about the latest facts and rumors:

- Malaysian military claims they tracked the plane way off course over an hour after the flight dropped off radar. This widened the search to 27,000 square miles and sent search/rescue teams all over the place. No wreckage was ever found.



- Friends and family claim they are able to call their loved ones and the phone actually rings. Officials say if the plane was under water, this would be impossible and the calls would go straight to voice mail. This means the plane is either near a reception area and/or on land somewhere.

- An oil rig worker claims to have watched the plane go down in the sea on fire. He tried to contact his boss days ago but no one ever responded to his email. He gave exact coordinates and a description of what he thought he witnessed. No wreckage was ever found.



- Chinese satellites claim to have picked up an image in the water that might resemble that of a plane. NTSB officials immediately said that the shapes did not resemble a plane and anything that large could not float in water. After searching, nothing was ever found.



- The Wall Street Journal reports that data sent from the Rolls Royce engines on the plane puts the plane in the air still flying 4 hours after it dropped off radar. This now prompts a new theory that the transponder was intentionally turned off and the plane was flown to a undisclosed location on purpose to maybe be used at another time. Malaysia denies these reports.



- The US claims Malaysian officials raided the pilots home a couple of days before the flight due to suspicious behavior. Once again, these reports were denied by Malaysian officials. An Australian woman had come out to the press about her trip to Thailand a year ago. The same pilot allowed her and a friend to ride in the cockpit for the entire flight while they smoked and took pictures together.


Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 10.47.54 AM

Overall, it sounds like Malaysian officials cannot tell us one thing about this missing plane but somehow they can tell us what’s not true. This is by far one of the strangest/weirdest events to ever happen in my lifetime and it appears to be far from over. It’s clear Malaysia either has something to hide or is absolutely the dumbest group of leaders in the world. The part that gets me is how all of this information keeps coming out days later instead of everything being thrown on the table to help in the search. The military tracks the plane an hour after it drops off radar? China just yesterday claims they had satellite images to show us? An oil rig worker said he saw the plane go down but that didn’t come out until yesterday? Was there really a raid on the pilot’s home days before the flight? Only thing I’m waiting for now is for this plane to randomly pop up on radar again and be a few miles outside of NYC. Some shady shit going on here. Not to mention…where the fuck is this plane?!

UPDATE: And in more shocking news, the witch doctor hired to bring the plane back didn’t work either. We’ve now exhausted all resources.