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Guy Literally Gets The Snot Knocked Out Of Him

Posted: February 13, 2014 by rmcguire13 in Fights, Funny
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It’s not a good look when you’re on the ground before a guy follows through on his swing. Especially when you got snot hanging down to your chin. Like the man said, wipe ya nose!

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Nothing like waiting on long lines to get into an over packed bar on a snowy, shitty day! I would probably be fighting everyone too. One of these years I’m gonna go to SantaCon to see what this shit is all about.

Side note: Cheap shot of all cheap shots right here



No idea what this fight was over but when a woman wraps her face and hoovers over passengers trying to intimidate them, it’s very hard to feel bad when they are turned into a human punching bag. Thank god Kareem Abdul Jabbar was there to take the situation into her own hands. You see when she walked over and the Asian chick was eye level with her crotch? She musta just been thinking oh no, I weally weally fooked now! When will the bullies learn?


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There you have it. Karma at it’s best. Not only did you fail at knocking out a random unsuspecting girl, but you get knocked the fuck out by a flying punt to the face. Overall bad day for this guy and rightfully so.


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And Now For Your Knockout Of The Day

Posted: December 3, 2013 by rmcguire13 in Fights, WTF
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Don’t condone hitting girls even the slightest but something tells me she won’t spit in someone’s face ever again.




Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Big Top where you’ll witness the craziest thing you’ll see all week year! Just when I thought there’s nothing worse than stealing from a quadriplegic, I realized there is. Getting your face nibbled off by a quadriplegic when you have all four functioning limbs. Only thing that could’ve made this better were if someone picked stumps up by the back of his Shaq Shazam vest and carried him away. Words do not describe this move right here:






Who we giving it to? Kid who smashed a coffee mug over his boy’s head or the bouncer who KO’d the bar patron? LOVE the bouncer’s finishing move but to smash a coffee mug over your friend’s dome as he just brushes it off is pretty impressive too. Who you got?!



Liveleak: 2 kids in my 7th period got hit into an argument because (kid in the blue) went into (kid in the red )’s bag while he went to the office. Kid in Blue was laughing in his face that he stole a soda out of Kid in Red shirt’s bag , therefore this is how he reacted.


Welcome back to school, kids! The first days back are always the easiest but I have a feeling it’s gonna be a long year for these two.


People close to me know how much I HATE public transportation and more specifically the bus–this is why. Nothing but drunks and people looking for trouble. The lady in the back said it best. I wanna get home to see my kids. I wish I was drunk! I hear ya lady, I hear ya!


Ohhhhhhhhh! Kid jumped on him like Super Mario on a turtle shell! One of those unspoken rules that is just unfair unless you’re actually trying to kill the guy. Not sure of the outcome but I’d say Dude #2 is waking up with a bit of a headache.