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Thank you Utah…for making my Monday morning more cringe worthy than it already was! For those of you who saw Miss South Carolina’s answer about stupid kids not being able to locate the US on a world map in 2007 have seen worse than this but this is why these chicks are in beauty pageants and not world leaders. Just keep smiling and looking hot and you’ll be fine, hun. Oh yea…you didn’t think she was getting out of this post without this treatment did you…?


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The Boyfriend Trainer App Is A Joke…Right?

Posted: January 31, 2013 by rmcguire13 in Dumb
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EliteDaily: The “Boyfriend Trainer” game available both through iTunes and Android stores, is getting some spotlight. The game encourages gamers to “crack that whip and teach your guy a thing or two. When scolding doesn’t work, just zap him, whack him and train him to be your ideal man!” The “girlfriend” (the player) advances through the game by physically abusing her “boyfriend.” While some people see this as harmless fun, other are worried that it may give younger users the wrong impression. One customer review says: “I hate how this game is so abusive I understand its just a game but kids play this and u don’t want this to be an influence on them.”


I’m gonna come right out and say that obviously if this were the other way around I think every Vagina Monologues reading bitch would be all over these people for releasing such a game. That aside, let’s talk about the inaccuracy of this app. ‘When scolding doesn’t work, zap or whack him to make him your ideal man.’ Since when has that ever gotten a girl shit other than a black eye?! If this game wants to accurately portray real life, the girl’s character should either flash her tits or lift her skirt every time there’s something she wants the man to do. That’s really how women get shit done. Sex. The power of the pussy. I’ve seen friends put their foot down and hold their ground like they were defending the Alamo and all it takes is that one look from their girl and they know. Fuck, what did I just do?! And no, this isn’t promoting whoredom. It’s “boyfriend training.” You wanna ring a bell and have your man come running like one of Pavlov’s dogs, then that’s what the app should really be like.

Side note: Hey girls, don’t get use to that kind of training because after about a year together it’s completely useless and you’re on your own.



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Consequences of trying to impress the judges by showing them you think you know English. You got the translator right there, you needed him to read you the question so why answer in English? All I got out of that was something about surfing and no law. In all honesty was anyone expecting an intelligent answer from any of these women? Andy Cohen’s reaction summed it all up when she was done. Thank you!…OK??

Side note: You knew this video below was coming…come on!

Someone Filmed A Butt Chug Over The Weekend

Posted: December 10, 2012 by rmcguire13 in Dumb
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Oh college how I miss thee. Times, however, appear to have changed a little bit. Butt chugging is now a thing as well as stuffing alcohol soaked tampons in your ass. I don’t get it but who am I to judge? This is coming from the guy who smoked chewing tobacco out of a bong for some reason. Anyway, this kid is one hospital visit away from a news press conference to deny he ever had a tube funneling beer into his rectum.

This Woman’s Face Explains It All

Posted: November 30, 2012 by rmcguire13 in Funny
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Picture 10


So I guess this is India’s version of America’s Got Talent and what their talent is…is um…well they can break things over their bodies. This chick’s reaction is what was worth it for me. Just shitting curry in her pants the entire performance. I promise you this was her response when they were done with their routine:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: November 21, 2012 by rmcguire13 in Dumb, Funny
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Hopefully everyone is leaving work early today and has a great Thanksgiving!


How much drugs do you need to be on to think your sunglasses are your other shoe? I don’t know that’s a legit question.