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Aunt Joni Might Need Face Surgery After This Epic Fail

Posted: August 4, 2014 by rmcguire13 in Dumb
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“What’s that? Watch Aunt Joni die???” Well maybe not die but at least get her wig split on the edge of the dock. That bike looked like it did everything in its power to avoid going straight:



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Wait For It…Wait For It…Wait For it…

Posted: July 10, 2014 by rmcguire13 in WTF
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It sucks when your OG backyard party gets interrupted because people are tripping over one-legged chicks trying to twerk all over the lawn. I’ll give her credit tho–she’s the life of the party!





This might be the best one out there yet! Enjoy!





Pair of shorts? Check. Two t-shirts? Check. Sunglasses? Check. OK, ready to hit 40MPH on a longboard behind a pickup truck. The fact that I’m still feeling sore from throwing a football this past weekend and this asshole was able to walk off rolling down the street like a tumbleweed pisses me off to no end.





This guy had to have been pushed right? I mean all evidence points to that since the car didn’t accelerate and his friends arm was extended as he passed. Must have been a bitter Heat fan.






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Yet Another Bouncy House Took Flight This Weekend

Posted: June 2, 2014 by rmcguire13 in News
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Now I’m not sure if people are filling these things with helium or what but why is this all of the sudden happening all over? Bouncy houses have been around forever and only until now are they blowing away like a tumbleweed in the desert. Just last month a bouncy house in NY launched 50 feet in the air dropping a kid on a parked car and luckily no one was seriously injured. Same goes for this one. Is this the end of the bouncy house as we know it?






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Guy Attempts A Cliff Jump; Ends Badly

Posted: May 14, 2014 by rmcguire13 in Dumb
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Should’ve listened to the 20 girls at the bottom instead of trying to show off for them, bruh! Try to count how many people have their hands on their heads opposed to swimming out to help this kid.