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I thought black people were the only ones who reacted this way when they get scared. Guess I learn something new everyday. Also, me and the person who found this both agree that it wouldn’t be as funny if the snowman didn’t knock the unsuspecting little girl over.


-Thanks to Meghan for this!

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Real or fake? You be the judge.


The only funny thing about this entire video is every black person that is working at McDonald’s reaction. Something about “magic” that brings out the bath salts in them.

-Side note: You can see the string coming out of the middle of the lid at the 2:57 mark


Ahhhhh the good ol’ ‘Mike Hunt’ prank! Come one man this one’s been around forever. Christ, I remember doing this in 6th grade when we would have a substitute teacher and everyone had to sign in for attendance and then the sub would call out the names on the list. Others included Amanda Hugenkis, Seymour Hiney, and Ben Dover. How the hell did no one laugh while he was calling this out? Hey LA, lighten up!