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Do these Golden Girls not sound like 3 of the most typical Jewish gossip queens ever? This commentary is unreal and I can only imagine what Bingo night is like. Some memorable quotes:

“the end is purple!”

“two hands with space in the middle!”

“look at his nose is hittin’ her cli-toris.”

“oh, that hurts! That’s what the Greeks do!”



Fight back. There’s something I bet a rape victim never thought to do. I don’t know where this video has been hiding for the last 20 years but I’m sure glad someone blew the dust off it!

Woman’s Ass Eats Subway Pole

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Really hope you weren’t expecting some sexy 20-something in this video. Quite contrary. If there’s one thing I hate most on the subway, it’s when people lean up against the poles like they own them. When the pole disappears entirely because someone is leaning against it…forget it!


If there’s one thing soccer needs, its entertainment. No wonder they let their fans do whatever they want. This hooligan had time to celebrate a goal with his favorite team, whisper some sweet nothings into the scorer’s ear, and beat off all over the opposing fans before anyone even had the notion of escorting him off. Even then he was still able to pull his pants down and moon some people without being tazed, pepper sprayed, or tackled. This guy is my hero….for the day.

Troll Dance Kicks Off The Weekend!

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This guy must be dying in that sweater. Have a safe weekend everyone!

Woman Gets Into Subway Argument While With Her Kid

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Welp, this kid’s future appears brighter than the sun. Just like Kevin Hart said, it’s hard to talk shit when you got a baby bag over your shoulder.

As always, most of the players taken in the NFL Draft last night had their significant others by their side and it got me thinking. What do some of the high profile players girlfriends/wives look like? Well, I found a few and here are my thoughts. Feel free to disagree.



1. Sorry RGIII, you’re a #2 draft pick with all the talent in the world. You’re either one humble SOB or just haven’t gotten out of Texas yet. Either way you should be laying the pipe on some super model!


2.Trent Richardson. If this was ESPN they’d give you a huge “Come onnnnn, man!” Number 3 pick and you got baby mama problems with the girl I turned down to Senior Prom.


3. Case Keenum. I’m not totally knocking on this one but for a high profile quarterback, my expectations are higher.


4. Justin Blackmon. You’re girl is a cheerleader. So what. She’s only in college and I can already see the thickness coming out in her. You’re an NFL wide receiver now, act like one!



Honorable Mention. Brandon Weeden. Look, I get that you’re 50 years old and just out of college. That’s why your pick can swing either way. You’re not a winner or a loser in this case…oh wait, you got drafted by the Browns? Loser.





1. Ryan Tannehill. Fiance was looking good last night. Real good! Franchise quarterback using his head. I like it.

2. Andrew Luck. The next Peyton Manning and apparently he’s got plans of making super athlete kids. Gymnasts are always fun!



3. Kellen Moore. Kellen, you win the “I’m the biggest clown dick in this draft” award and if you weren’t a quarterback, I wouldn’t see this chick by your side. Count your blessings my friend.



4. Ryan Broyles. Wish I had more pics but going just off of this one alone, Ryan knows what’s up. Congrats brotha!



5. Garrett Celek. This chick is hands down smoking hot! She also looks like she’d be the first to jump in bed with whoever throws money or stardom in her face. Good for you Garrett, keep an eye on this one!



Subway Treasure Thursday!

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The lower half of my body is so confused right now.


What’s more embarrassing? Pulling up to school blasting this with the whole car singing in unison or pulling up to school with your step-father blasting chicks having orgasms on The Howard Stern Radio Show? Cause that’s the shit I had to deal with on a daily basis. Do you know what it’s like being a kid going through puberty having to get out of the car with morning wood? I do.