Jesus Freak Shakes Off Taser, Escapes Canadian Cops

Posted: April 18, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Dumb, Fights, Funny
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Now any other time you’d see cops in this situation pin this guy’s face the ground, give him a knee in the back, and cuff him immediately. These guys don’t want this to end. It’s a slow night in Ontario and they are just as entertained as I am by this clown dick. You’re telling me 2 cops can’t apprehend a 140 lb Jesus freak who is coming up with an epic, on the spot song about police, morals, and religion? Well guess what, whatever kind of spell he just put on those cops worked. Their taser was rendered useless and apparently their legs were made of cement when he ran away.


Side note: $10 says they really just called a K9 unit and it ripped this asshole apart.


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