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“It just helps him with timing, to not jump at the ball.” Ummmm, guy, you just went down on 3 pitches. Reminds me of some other weird batting stances throughout the years…


Watch A Canoe Take Out Multiple Surfers

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Almost looks like a video game. It always amazes me with the size of the ocean, why surfers pile up on top of each other in the water. Miles of shoreline and you choose the same spot where 20 other surfers are plus a 6 man canoe. Serves you right, bruh!


Big deal, lady! I’m 99% sure that every guy that gets drafted except for Jesus Christ a.k.a. Tim Tebow, gets laid when they are drafted. And I’m sure even Tim Tebow at least got a handy that night. Mr. Irrelevant doesn’t need your pity fuck so go grab attention elsewhere!

By the way…I live in NYC too, what’s good?

It’s Hump Day…So Get Over It!

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