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Subway Treasure Thursday!

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No broken hip, no stroke, and no heart attack. Just one shitty diaper upon landing.

How To Open A Beer Bottle Without An Opener

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I don’t wanna hear anyone bitch anymore. You’re welcome!

The Scary, Scary Effects Of Bath Salts

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So after hearing this story about the guy who ate the face off a homeless man cause he was trippin’ off bath salts, I started asking people what the fuck bath salts actually are. Here is some of the scary shit they found and sent me. I was waiting for the guy in the first video to turn and say “there is no God, only Zool!’


Gawker: A surveillance camera in the Miami Herald building caught all 18 gruesome minutes of the Miami Zombie attack on the MacArthur Causeway over the weekend. (The footage above has been edited for length) The sequence of events is all there: Rudy Eugene stripping Ronald Poppo of his pants and shoes; an unsuspecting cyclist—who would later call the police—cruising by; and the police’s arrival and eventual shooting of Eugene.


OK, OK so it’s not Oscar winning cinematography but it’s something. By now everyone has to have heard of the guy who took bath salts and ate a homeless man’s face off. Well, here is the video of it and pictures of the aftermath. I must say, some of the most gruesome shit I’ve ever seen. Straight up Hannibal Lector shit. How nice of Rudy to leave Ron an eyeball. That way he can actually see that his face now looks like a peeled tomato.


How to know when you’ve hit rock bottom. You’re stopping cars in the middle of the road and get slapped around by a guy wearing capris and Birkenstocks.

Here Is Your WTF Video Of The Week

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No point in writing anything for this, it speaks for itself.

It’s Hump Day…So Get Over It!

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Brooklyn Decker helping us get over the short week hump!


What up Grams? Fuck is there two of you?! Yo Dad, what up? Whadda you say we grab a beer after I come down? Mom? What up? Fuck is this orange, heavy motherfucker on my arm?

Is This The Best Or Worst Bartender Ever?

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And by the time you get your drink you’re completely sober…