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Jesus Christ! Error 38 is gonna be Francis’ blood pressure going off the charts topped with an on-camera stroke. Reminded me of myself after the Devils/Rangers game Monday night. The reason I love this is because it’s so genuine and heart felt. I’m just surprised that computer hasn’t given out yet due to excessive amounts of spit on it. This guy and Shoenice are both Youtube gold and seriously need their own reality shows.

Moneyline: What the fuck is number 35?! Shhhhomeone shhhhhot shhhhomebody running the shhhhhervers? Did one of the hamsters get loose?!


Wheel Of Fortune Fail

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It’s a weird game, you never know. -Pat Sajak


Remember way back last summer when Hurricane Irene PMS’d her way up the east coast and the whole tri-state area braced itself for a catastrophe? Not sure that will be anything compared to this weekend as every druggie, guido, college kid, club head, hippie, whore, guidette, and piece of Euro-trash from around the world will converge on Electric Daisy Carnival. Starting Friday, the NY/NJ area will see the Perfect Storm of electronic dance music mixed with more drugs than Medellin mixed with the douchiest people to ever walk the Earth. All that being said, I got my tickets…did you?

I better get amazing videos, pictures, and stories from people starting Monday morning! For more info you can check out the event site at

It’s Hump Day…So Get Over It! [NSFW]

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Happy Hump Day!