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If my friend asked me to be an extra for something like this I don’t really know how I would break it to him that we can’t be friends anymore. But it’s the weekend so who cares! Have a safe one everyone!



I’ll never forget it. Got home from kindergarten and Asian Chris (even at 6 years old that’s how I identified him since we had so many Chris’ in the class) wouldn’t give me his extra chocolate chip cookie I wanted so bad. Walked around the house for an hour screaming ‘goddamn it!’ May or may not have punched a window out bare knuckled. Either way, if this kid is on the same path he’s gonna have issues when he gets older. Godspeed, my son!


I just cringed hearing this story. Flesh-eating bacteria? Gang green of the dick? No more sex? Sits to pee? AND the whole world now knows about it? This dude is living every man’s hell. Fuck, I’d go into hiding in Peru too. Like Machu Picchu kind of hiding. I don’t wanna come off insensitive but what’s the point of this guy living anymore? I’d for sure be swan diving into the wood chipper right about now. I could sue for all the money in the world and I wouldn’t be happy without my penis. My philosophy is it’s my dick’s world and I’m just living in it. Just saying…


Loud sex, barking dogs, construction workers, etc. are all disadvantages of living in an apartment in the city. I know, trust me. Not for nothing but you just did this guy a huge service. Putting that shit on the ‘internets’ is funny but if I were this guy, I’d send that link to everyone I knew and brag about it for the next year. Yea, did you hear that? That’s my doing WORK, son! You think this is going to make him stop?! No, no, my friend. You just opened Pandora’s Box!


Wanna hear what this guy listened to all night? Click here





Couldn’t ask for better weather this weekend and with 60,000+ expected in attendance just on Saturday alone, I’m staring at the clock waiting to get the hell out of here! Hopefully I don’t get too fucked up so I can get some amazing videos but I can’t guarantee anything. Look for me at MetLife, I’ll be the guy who looks cracked out climbing the scaffolding at the Cosmic Meadow stage.


What a bitter punk. But you know what? The funniest, most entertaining punk I’ve ever come across. Just keepin’ it real in his own gym and the best part is that these smug Wall Street assholes actually pay him to get treated like a punching bag. Not learning a goddamn thing other than how to bend over and just take it. I’m putting Eric Kelly on the watch list with Shoenice and Francis.

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