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Subway Treasure Thursday!

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A practical yet luxury item, the Man Bib is a revolutionary method of cleansing during one of life’s most intimate moments for the discerning gentleman. Eliminate that ominous roll of toilet paper and that lone sport sock and replace them with a hand-made Man Bib. All Man-Bibs are machine washable and come with a handy string tying mechanism that means one size can fit all. Available in Tartan, Denim, Leather, Studio55, High School Musical and Army style.


Don’t worry about that ominous roll of toilet paper or lone sport sock, now all you have to do is explain why there’s a bib that ties around your dick mixed in with your colors on laundry day. And did I catch a ‘High School Musical’ bib in there? Sickos.



This was pretty cool even though it looks like the cameraman shot it from the neighboring state. Is it too much to ask for a zoom?


The buzzer went off and I’m sitting here scratching my head trying to understand where the kid is wrong. Since when the hell does yellow also mean someone is a coward?! Says a lot about me and this kid’s upbringing though, right?

Side note: Only thing that would have made this better was if the kid pointed to the Asian next to him when he answered.

I Will Buy Anything Natalia Velez Is Selling!

Posted: June 28, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Sexy
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Kate who? I post videos of Kate Upton every week and I’m pretty sure she can’t touch Natalia Velez! I included the video to prove she’s not Photoshopped.