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Victims first answer, bath salts. That’s what the media has done to us. Bath salts and zombies. I’ve seen the movie “Falling Down” and maybe this guy was just having one of those days. Either way Arizona is gonna throw the book at him and Sheriff Arpaio will have him in a pink jump suit slaving away in the desert sun.



I don’t know if it was the spitting into her hand before her run or just the fact that the other girls look like NFL linebackers, but Nastia Liukin has got something about her. I mean she made that fall look like some kind of sexy photoshoot. So Shawn Johnson retired and Nastia’s butterfingers cost her a spot on the team. No reason to watch gymnastics in the Olympics this year.


This guy is just doing what we’ve all thought about doing. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into AT&T and been told I need to buy a new phone instead of getting a replacement. But I can honestly say that I don’t know one person who has T-Mobile’s service. Like how is this company in business? Is this the one store they own and are now going out of business because this guy Hurricane Irene-d it?

Side note: Love the employee who just stands there and watches the whole thing. Not my store so do what you gotta do, sir!

If You See This Guy, Walk The Other Way

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Only thing I was surprised by was that more of these chicks weren’t more like the girl who let him grab her boobs. It looks like Miami, since when do people give a fuck there?