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Subway Treasure Thursday!

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And Now For Your WTF Video Of The Week

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This has got to be one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen because it’s not even a movie…it’s real life.


Why isn’t anyone doing anything? Um, cause the dude is drunk, sitting in a puddle of water, on train tracks, with his head propped up on the third rail. But by all means go down there and lend a brotha a hand.

Side note: Not sure of the outcome of this but when your head resembles a marshmallow at a camp fire, it can’t be good.

Obviously most super stars don’t come out of their mothers looking like A-list supermodels and as evidence shows, some even take the ugly duckling route. Take a look at how these 20 celebs blossomed into what you see today.


via: FratStars/EliteDaily