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Before I hear about how fucked up this dude is, let’s all remember why these girls are there. Classic!

“135 lbs my ass!” [tips scale]



“My” research team is on fucking point today! Nothing like a father making a public example out of his son for wearing skinny jeans 10X too small. I know I’m going to sound like an old man but I see this shit all the time and I just don’t get it. It’s a phase that needs to end starting with this video. Guys, don’t wear your sisters clothes unless you’re a cross dresser…it’s that simple. You think this kid is gonna walk out of his house wearing those jeans again? Nope.

-Thanks to Meghan on the video

It’s Hump Day…So Get Over It!!!

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Jena Sims gettin’ us over the hump today. Happy Hump Day!

80s Face Exercises Look Interesting

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Hey, everyone has their own cum face! And why does she need a leotard for this?

-Thanks to Meghan for this