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Welp, put it on the list. A blown out asshole during child birth is just another reason I’m glad I have a dick. Have a nice day.


This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

Posted: July 12, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Caption of the Week


Tanya R. – “Well at least I’m not stuck in my BF’s zipper again!”


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If I were a news anchor this would happen everyday to me…

So THIS Really Goes On In Asia??

Posted: July 12, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Strange
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Never in my life did I think this would be a real thing. Leave it up to Asia to create reverse glory holes! These are the same people who walk around their cities wearing masks because the air is so polluted, yet they are willing to go nose deep in an asshole that 88 dudes have already had their face in. But hey, I mean at least they are wearing goggles to prevent pink eye, right??