Houston Prostitute Confessionals HAS To Be A TV Show Now!

Posted: March 20, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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I want more of this–no, no, no! I NEED more of this like Peaches needs a math class! While everyone sits there and watches D-List celebrities dive into a pool, I’d watch these hookers give interviews any day. We got Brother Mouzone from The Wire interviewing this slut about her daily life and let’s just recap some of the priceless responses:

-We’ve had some girls raped out here and by the grace of God I haven’t been a victim…yet.

-I had a $20 jackoff…he’s fairly quick…

-if it’s hot as hell out here, you’ll get the special which is 20 for head (I catch no mess), or you get 30 for sex only, or 40 for both.

-Me at 31, been doing this since I was about 13. So we lookin’ at what, 25-26 years?

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