Looks Like The Pink Equal Sign On The Red Background Is The Trendy Thing To Do For The Day

Posted: March 26, 2013 by subwaycreatures in News
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For those of you living on the moon right now, you probably haven’t seen that Facebook/Twitter is covered in pink equal signs. Today marks the beginning of the hearings for equal marriage which everyone is trying to draw attention to and gain support for. I have nothing against gay marriage and I can only HOPE that the Supreme Court agrees that it is fair on every level. But enough of this shit. I promise you the Supreme Court judges are not sitting there counting the number of red profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter and being even the least bit persuaded by them. Those people are as unsympathetic and numb to feelings as a corpse. That’s why they are Supreme Court judges. That’s what they are there for.

Here’s my problem with the whole thing. Most of the people posting this thing aren’t even gay or really even know what’s going on. It’s great if you want to support the cause but if that’s the case, go march in a parade or run a marathon for the cause. Make a real difference! Tomorrow most of these people will switch their profile pictures back to them hammered on St. Paddy’s Day and go about their lives as if nothing ever happened regardless of what the courts rule because this was just an easy way to say ‘I know someone who is gay!’ Same people who were posting Kony 2012 videos for a day and same people who the day of Newtown, posted a bunch of shit about gun control. It’s the trendy thing to do for the day. I’d love to see after today who of these people keep posting about gay rights and equal marriage. Not saying everyone falls under this category but most do.

And now for the comments…you’ve been trolled.

  1. Mad Mason says:

    You are absolutely right on! I couldn’t agree more. It’s trendy-ass bull crap. This sad little level of commitment is pathetic. It’s completely typical of our pampered head-in-the-dirt ostrich society.

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