Yet Another Sinkhole In China Swallows A Man With Cameras Rolling

Posted: March 27, 2013 by subwaycreatures in News
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Gawker: Yesterday, rain in Shenzen, China caused a four-story sinkhole to open up right outside of a construction zone. A passing security guard was killed, despite an immediate response by paramedics. The footage was captured on two CCTV cameras and uploaded to the Chinese video site Youku (the most unoriginal attempt to copy the name of “Youtube”). The bad news here is that someone is dead. The good news is that your fears can be somewhat assuaged because even though there were 100 reports of sinkholes in China, experts are blaming “rapid and poorly-planned” development projects. With exception to some rare cases in Florida, the United States is relatively safe sinkhole-wise. If you look at the CCTV footage, you can clearly see that the ground looks extremely unsafe before the unfortunate guard passes by. There are significant cracks in the sidewalk; cracks that make the outline for the sinkhole.


Goddammit, Goddammit, Goddammit! I’ve said it so many times but I swear I feel like it’s only a matter of time before one of these things get me. Fuckin’ earth opening up all over the place and there’s no idea how to figure out where the next one will hit. I’m pretty confident this one in China is just the other end of the one that opened up in Florida swallowing that guy in his sleep. You can probably find him still in his bed down there with this Chinese security guard. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s next sinkhole story.

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