By Now I’m Sure Everyone Has Seen Possibly The Worst Sports Injury Ever [WARNING: VERY GRUESOME!]

Posted: April 1, 2013 by subwaycreatures in News, Sports
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Kevin Ware CSC


The reaction of every black guy on and around the court describe the injury best–something out of a horror movie. That’s a legit photo folks. No Photoshop, no camera trickery. Just straight up compound fracture and bone sticking through Louisville guard Kevin Ware’s skin. Good news is his surgery last night was successful and they were able to scotch tape his leg back together. Bad news is this could possibly be a career ender. It also made me think of a couple other gruesome injuries that happened on live TV:

1. Willis McGahee


2. Joe Theisman


3. Shaun Livingston


4. Clint Malarchuk


5. Richard Zednik



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