Undercover Cop Gets A Blowie, Then Arrests Prostitute

Posted: April 5, 2013 by subwaycreatures in News

HuffPost: The lawyer for an alleged Pennsylvania prostitute says the undercover detective who arrested her got a little too invested in his cover, the Associated Press reported. Homestead Officer Ronald DePellegrin, 48, admits that he allowed Diana Gross, 26, to give him oral sex before he informed her that he was actually a cop, according to the criminal complaint written by DePellegrin and obtained by The Smoking Gun. DePellegrin says on March 22, he contacted Gross, who went by the name “Beckie Dymon” through the website Pittsburgh Backpage, where she was allegedly advertising herself as available for sex. The report states that Gross and DePellegrin agreed to on a rate of $145 for a half hour and meet at a house in Homestead later that day. There, he says he assured her he was not a cop before she grabbed his groin and got naked. Then, the report states:

I disrobed and Beckie took a condom and placed it on me. Beckie started to perform oral sex on me when I said oh shit the cops were coming. Beckie stopped performing the act and looked out the window. I removed the condom and quickly dressed. I told Beckie I was a [Homestead detective] and she was under arrest.

Gross’ attorney, Michael Waltman, says DePellegrin’s conduct is unacceptable. “One of the key issues,” Waltman told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “is that the police in this particular instance are engaging in the exact type of criminal activity that they’re saying that they’re trying to protect the community from.” Mike Manko, spokesman for the district attorney’s office, told the Post-Gazette that the DA Office has decided that DePellegrin’s behavior does not “create a constitutional issue that would bar us from moving forward with the prosecution [of Gross].”


I don’t see the problem here, he didn’t finish. Open and shut case. Ronald knew it too. Admitted everything that happened with details included. Yea, she strapped one on me and started going to town, so what? I didn’t nut if that’s what you’re asking. This just goes along with my whole theory since high school–you don’t finish, it doesn’t count. Trust me it RARELY happens but it’s just great to know I now have the law on my side to back it up.

Side note: If cumming “doesn’t count” then 90% of the girls I’ve banged would say it didn’t count.

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