MUST SEE: To Catch A Predator (Ghetto Style)

Posted: April 23, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Imagine Chris Hansen rolling up in a ratchety soccer van and slapping the shit out of some creeper? No. Cause Chris Hansen will sit there and talk your ear off til until you consider suicide before some SWAT team takes you down on your way out. Now this show I could watch over and over–this is the way it SHOULD go down. Let the girls’ fathers/brothers take the law into their own hands. Street justice at it’s finest! No camera crew or producers on scene. Big Papa Pump IS the cameraman, enforcer, and host all in one. He’s not gonna beat you into next week–he’s gonna one up that. He’s gonna make a viral video of him bitch slapping the shit out of you in a parking lot til you cry and post it online. Ya better stay up out that inbox, get your glasses main man! must be one of the greatest exit lines ever.

-Thanks to Chris for this

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