These Are By Far The 3 Most Annoying Commercials On TV Right Now

Posted: April 29, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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3. Michael Buffer Progressive – There is nothing worse than waking up hungover on a Sunday morning afternoon and putting on some SportsCenter to catch up on last nights games when Michael Buffer comes on and gives his Rumble bullshit for 15 straight seconds. Hey Michael, you think you broke your spleen? My head literally might explode in a second and your obnoxious yelling just forced me to puke all over myself. Thanks and fuck you Progressive.


2. The little girl from the AT&T commercial – Love these commercials. I think they are pretty damn funny and the guy who stars in all of them absolutely nails that role of being an asshole to these little kids. That being said, I get what the point of this girl not making sense is but it drives me nuts. I have no idea what she’s rambling on about and the fact that this particular one is the one I see the most has never made me want to punch a child more before. Why can’t you run the one with the black kid who can wave his hands in two different directions more?


1. Stewie from Family Guy Google Chrome – Stop! Make it stop! I’m pretty sure there’s never been a better case for pro-abortion than this commercial. If my 55-inch TV fit out of my jail cell apartment window it would have a long time ago. I actually hate Google Chrome now simply because of this commercial.


Side note: I watched a Bar Rescue (possibly one of the greatest shows on TV right now) marathon yesterday and there were 6 minute commercial breaks in between each segment. Yes, I counted. There should honestly be some kind of law against that.

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