WARNING GROSS: Bear Grylls’s Producer Got Bit By A Deadly Snake [NSFW]

Posted: May 2, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Dumb
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DeadSpin: Steve Rankin, the producer of Bear Grylls’s reality show who now possesses this disgusting zombie foot, says this was done to him by a Fer De Lance snake, which Wikipedia calls “the ultimate pit viper.”

Never liked Bear Grylls and I was always a bigger fan of Survivorman. Once I found out that Bear and his crew didn’t actually sleep in the wild and do half the crazy things they said I lost a lot of respect. I can just picture that cocky sonofabitch fucking around with this viper which was minding it’s own business when it took a chunk out of the producer’s foot. That’s the penalty of working with this D-Bag. Now you’ve got a patch of skin stapled to your foot like a goddamn Boy Scout badge and an exposed ankle that clearly the doctors forgot about. I hope it at least made for some good TV…

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