When Times Are Tough, Try To Suicide Yourself On ‘Today Show’

Posted: June 6, 2013 by subwaycreatures in News
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NYDN: A deranged, suicidal man ranting against the government used two knives to saw at his wrists outside the “Today” show Thursday morning. The man was unkempt and in his 50s, witnesses said. He wore a grey T-shirt and white baseball cap when he staggered up to “Today” show fans outside 10 Rockefeller Plaza in midtown Manhattan and used broken English to tell anyone who would listen that the Internal Revenue Service was corrupt and that the agency “ruined his life.” The lunatic was shouting about peppermint tea and trying to get bystanders to read a pile of papers — reportedly IRS documents of some sort — until he tossed the stack into the air about 7:50 a.m. He then whipped out a pocket knife with three or four-inch blade and yelled “I’m going to cut myself!” twice before hacking at his own wrist. Someone wrestled the blade from the loony before he pulled out a second knife and started cutting away at his other wrist. NYPD cops and plaza security guards rushed towards the man with pepper-spray and tackled him, sending him sprawling.

Cry me a river guy. The IRS ruined your life? Likely story. Join the club, bro. You think people like watching their paychecks get cut in half and owe the government tons of money each year? For sure not. It’s what separates the strong from the weak. The sane from the looney tunes. And what poor execution (no pun intended) of a plan. You wanna make a statement and off yourself on national TV, go swallow the barrel of a gun. It’s 2013, you can buy one at the corner bodega down the street.

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