How Bout That Hockey Game Last Night/Epic Collapse?

Posted: June 25, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Sports
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Remember that epic collapse when the Bruins came back on the Toronto Maple Leafs after being down by 3 goals in the third period? Well that became absolutely irrelevant as Boston had one of the most epic meltdowns of all time. How could that be possible you ask? Because this time it was to force a game 7 with the Stanley Cup on the line. In what almost sounded like a home game for the Chicago Blackhawks, Bruins fans in Boston were already looking forward to a game 7 when all of that changed in 17 seconds in the last minute of regulation. What makes it all that much more sweet is that now not only do we not have to listen to the obnoxious Boston fans talk about another championship but we’ll always have this to look back on (yes I’m talking to you New York Yankee fans of 2004).

Despite last night’s outcome, this Stanley Cup playoffs overall was one of the best I’ve seen since maybe 1994 and that’s coming from a New Jersey Devils fan. This was exactly was the NHL needed and hopefully it’s a shot in the arm for the sport that for some reason is looked down upon by many. Already can’t wait for next season!

This was cover of the newspaper in Toronto this morning:



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