Aaron Hernandez Is Charged With 6 Criminal Counts Including Murder

Posted: June 26, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Sports
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Hernandez Court CSC

TMZ: Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has just been charged with murder in connection with the death of a 27-year-old former semi-pro football player named Odin Lloyd. 23-year-old Hernandez was arraigned this morning in a Massachusetts courtroom. In addition to murder, Hernandez has been charged with 1 count of carrying a gun without a license, 2 counts of possession of a large firearm, and 2 counts of firearm possession. He has pled not guilty. The DA said Lloyd was shot multiple times in the groin, arm, side, chest and back with a .45 caliber semi automatic weapon before his body was discovered last Monday. Prosecutors say there was communication between the victim and Hernandez just 10 hours before the victim’s death. They believe they have video showing Lloyd getting into Hernandez’ car around that time. They also say Hernandez had been texting Lloyd. The DA said keys were found in Lloyd’s pocket to a car that had been rented by Hernandez. As we reported, Hernandez was arrested today at his Massachusetts home after Lloyd’s body was discovered close to the NFL star’s home last week. Lloyd is believed to have been dating the sister of Aaron’s fiancee at the time of his murder.


WOW! I just watched the indictments read in court and this guy is SO fucked. Open and shut case! The prosecutor basically read off all of the evidence they have against Hernandez and if this guy walks, it’s gonna be borderline OJ ridiculousness. Apparently all of the surveillance footage was recovered, phone records, tire tracks, gas station surveillance footage, and they even have the fuckin bubblegum this dude was chewing that he left with the shell casings! Hasn’t this guy ever seen one episode of the 500 crime shows on TV right now?! Worst murderer in the history of murderers. And why?? You make millions of dollars playing in the NFL! At this point the only chance Aaron Hernandez has is if someone plants a glove at the scene of the crime and they’re caught on tape calling him a spic.

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