You Hear About The Guy From Nantucket Who Wrestled A Shark With His Bare Hands?

Posted: July 17, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, News
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DailyMail: A Nantucket man has taken on a 200-pound shark and won. A spectacular photograph captures the moment Elliot Sudal wrestled the enormous sandbar shark after hooking it while beach fishing on Sunday evening. The fit 24-year-old was with some pals hunting for bluefish off the coast of the Massachusetts island when he met the seven-foot adversary and the energetic tussle ensued. Sudal, who recently moved to Nantucket from Florida to take a job at a mooring company, said part way through the fishing expedition he sensed there were sharps lurking in the shallows. ‘It just kind of seemed sharky,’ he told ABC News. ‘There was something coming by and chomping them (the bluefish) in half. I thought, “It’s got to be a shark.”‘ So he took a half-eaten bluefish he’d caught earlier and cast it out, wondering what might take the bait. Within two minutes, he had the giant shark on the other end of the line. Sudal told ABC the shark tossed and turned on the fishing rod for about 45 minutes before it calmed down. At that point, he passed the rod to his cousin and charged into the waves to face the creature head on – and the whole adventure was not just photographed but caught on video. ‘The crazy part is you have to run into the water and grab it by the tail and put it on shore,’ Sudal said, adding that some 20 people gathered on shore to watch him wrestle the shark. ‘Everyone was freaking out, I got a slow clap when I was walking away,’ he said. Sudal, an avid fisherman since he was a kid, said this wasn’t the first shark he’s taken on. ‘I’ve caught over 100 sharks in the last eight months,’ he said. ‘It’s my favorite thing to do.’ He added: ‘It’s just like this epic battle between you and this sea beast. You can’t go back to a little fish after that. Everything else is bait.’ The fisherman told ABC the shark was on land for around a minute before he left it go. ‘I always let the sharks go,’ he said. ‘It’s important to release these things. I’m very conservation-minded when it comes to taking care of them.’

Hate when the water ‘just seems sharky’. Especially when it’s the water I’ve been swimming in all day. That’s why I wish this guy didn’t let this fucking thing go. Now you not only have a shark back in the water but a pissed off shark at that. I wonder how Elliot will feel when this thing deep throats some kid’s leg and they find out it was the same shark? I get that he’s doing it just for the sport but sometimes a man just has to take his trophy and walk away. Thanks for showing us what’s out there Elliot…

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