Miss Bum Bum Brazil Contest; Who Ya Got??? [NSFWish]

Posted: August 8, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, Sexy
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Everyone in the world knows Brazilian women have the most amazing genetics which is why the curviest, sexiest women on the planet are found there. Contests like these must be next to impossible to judge and since we’re going solely off of just bodies, it makes it all the more challenging. I wanted to rank my top 3 but after watching about 10 times it’s just too fuckin’ hard. The best I can do is highlight a few I instantly fell in love with:


1. Not the greatest ass out of the bunch but this isn’t just an ass contest–it’s full body. Plus that Shakira hip move did it for me.


2. I like’em small, I like’em tatted up. This chick is tight!


3. Have to throw a brunette in the mix! You could stick a piece of coal up this ones ass and she’d shit a diamond. No idea what that means but I heard it somewhere and I feel like it fits.


4. Stop everything! Hold the presses! We have a winner! If this chick didn’t win then the fix is in. You can set a drink down on that thing plus she’s got moves. I’m in love!


Also: No way this chick’s ass is real. Just no way. Implant city.


-Thanks to Chris for this


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