MFK: Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson, Samantha Steele

Posted: August 20, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Sexy, Sports
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So the new FOX Sports1 has triggered a lot of hype through the sports world and personally, I’m pretty sure it’s here to send ESPN back covering Canadian football, but that’s neither here nor there. What we’re talking about right now is one of the only reasons anyone is watching: Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson. Throw in ESPN’s Samantha Steele and you have three of the hottest sports reporters in the world. I dare you to top that list. Now the question I ask you which me and my friends were debating last night is who do you Marry, Fuck, and Kill?? Here’s my thoughts:


Marry: Samantha Steele. You know why I didn’t post a picture of Sam Steele with more skin showing? Because it doesn’t exist. I swear I searched. Although her conservative ways concern me a little, I don’t want my wife parading around in bikinis anyway. I would actually give up the ability to walk if I knew everyday I was waking up next to Sam Steele and she had to take care of me. There, I said it.

Fuck: Charissa Thompson. Legs for days and the new kid on the block. It wasn’t necessarily an easy choice but the woman can fit her entire fist in her mouth for Christ sakes! Plus I feel like my odds of walking away without some nagging disease are better here than with loose lips below.

Kill: Erin Andrews. It’s just too easy. No one wants a hamburger when they can get Fillet Mignon like above. I don’t even care that she snubs little kids for autographs. I don’t even care that she’s known for whoring it up in locker rooms when athletes are walking around half naked. She’s hot, I get it. But so are the two above and they bring more to the table minus the bitchy attitude. Killing Erin Andrews a thousand times. Call me crazy.

Agree to disagree. Who you got?


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