Anna Kendrick Is Quickly And Quietly Climbing The Ranks

Posted: August 21, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, Sexy
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I’m quickly falling in love with this chick. At first she just seemed cute but now she’s showing off her sexy side for GQ and I’m officially jumping on the Anna Kendrick bandwagon. How many times have we seen celebrities get interviewed about what kind of guys they look for or what makes for a great date and they all say the same bullshit. All I want is a guy that can make me laugh and blah blah blah. Guess what, Louis C.K. is hilarious and you don’t see him going around banging Victoria’s Secret models. But Anna Kendrick is a real chick. Just don’t talk about liver cancer and the reality of your family and you’re in. You wanna get smashed and hit up some drive thru food? This is your chick. Oh yea…she’s currently single too.

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