96-Year Old Man Writes A Song For His Recently Deceased Wife of 75 Years

Posted: August 29, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Awesome
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So I know this isn’t CSC material but I felt like people had to see this. It made me feel something and that is very hard to do. With all the ugly shit in this world, it’s good to see stories like this.

  1. Lexy says:

    Bless his heart<3

  2. Madison says:

    I’m not an emotional person, but this brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful.

  3. Lynn says:

    This was wonderful. Thank you for adding beauty to the world.

  4. metgirl917 says:

    What a sweet couple

  5. Jonathan says:

    Faith in humanity restored. Thank you.

  6. Laura says:

    One of the most amazing things I’ve seen. Bless them both.

  7. Pat G says:


  8. Just me says:

    just goosebumps
    its so amazing

  9. Jenny says:

    this is a wonderful husband. he had a thought and thought nothing will happen. it was the most amazing jester.

  10. Emily says:

    as someone who doesn’t get very emotional, I cried more at this than I did at the story of the man who had Alzheimer’s and every day when he saw his wife (who he could never remember) he went out to their garden and picked a flower and gave it to her and asked her to run away with him… every single day.

  11. Javier Lau says:

    My Dad is 92 years old. My Mom passed away two years ago.Thet’ve been married for 57 years. You can imagine how I feel after I watched this video.

    Loves like this just make me cry..

  12. […] 96-Year Old Man Writes A Song For His Recently Deceased Wife of 75 Years. […]

  13. Christine says:

    Does any one know what the title is of the track that is played first, during the intro?
    Love to have it!

  14. Alfredo says:

    Jeez, I do had tears. This man received a unique gift, a lifelong love.

  15. Kaytie says:

    Well i totally bawled my eyes out.

  16. Christina says:

    Yep…I’m bawling like a baby. Very touching.

  17. Meagan says:

    Cried even before Fred started talking…So sweet!

  18. pascal kb says:

    Now i want to hold my girlfriend :`)

  19. Jessi says:

    This was amazing, I cried. I am celebrating my 2 year anniversary in 10 days. I am so thankful to have him by myside and in 75 years all I will want is to relive everything we ever did. Gosh, Im a mess now. Thanks lol. Good job Fred, you can tell he loved her so!

  20. Hanna says:

    That was one of the sweatest things I have ever seen, I cried. I don’t think one person didn’t get teary eyed during that, that is just the most amazing thing. Green Shoe Studios did the right thing.

  21. iabella says:

    i just balled like a baby, this is such a wonderful sweet thing. The song was beautiful, Thank you Green Shoe Studios for bringing it to fruition.

  22. ronny says:

    dull. the intro and the song, both.

  23. EatTheRich says:

    Green Shoe Studios – thank you.

  24. douglass says:

    wow…very touched.

  25. betty says:

    my aunt and uncle fell in love many years ago. arvilla and Richard. it was like hearing my uncle talk about her. he loved her so much. and i’m sure he loved her he felt the same way. if she can hear in heaven then shes listening. and if he can still remember her I know he would love the song. I do and i’m among the ones who thank you for doing the song for everyone listening. Charlie & betty combs.

  26. myheadfeelsfunny says:

    Had to purchase his song. I support you, Fred!

  27. Lauren says:

    Not even ten measures into the song, already crying. Perfect.

  28. […] note: If someone tells me the old man writing the song for his wife was fake I might shut CSC […]

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