Would You Rather…

Posted: September 26, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Would You Rather
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OK, let’s clear something up. Both of the stories below are factual so this “would you rather” isn’t THAT far off. The Asian guy is growing a nose on his forehead to replace his original nose which was messed up during a car accident. The other story broke when an old man caught the fish with teeth in a New Jersey lake. An expert said that the fish is from New Guinea and is notorious for attacking men’s genitals. So here’s the question. Would You Rather…

Grow a second nose on your forehead to replace the original, fucked up one on your face? Procedure takes a year to grow.



Have your genitals bitten off by one of these New Guinea teeth fish but a procedure to replace them without growing genitals on your forehead is a quick option?


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