People Actually Have Sex In A Box On British TV Show ‘Sex Box’

Posted: October 9, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 9.55.27 PM


Probably one of the most bizarre TV shows I’ve ever seen. It’s like Love Line with Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel with on-site fucking. I’m just sitting here asking myself why would people watch this, let alone volunteer to be on this show?! And then I saw this couple:



My God. So many questions that I need answered all the sudden. Do they ram their scooters together? Does he go over to hers? Does she goes over to his? How do they get into the scooters? What position can they even do? How do the physics of this work?! Someone in the UK better tell me how this plays out!


  1. Terry says:

    I’m all about this

  2. Jenn says:

    It sounds bizarre, yet I can see their point because sex is still a taboo topic to discuss. The panelist mentioned at one time nobody knew how to pronounce clitoris. I bet there are still a lot of people today who do not even know what a clitoris is let alone how to please a woman! I’m just saying! Good post!

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