Bored? Here’s What You Should Check Out Today!

Posted: October 18, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, Dumb, Funny, News, Photos, Sexy, Sports
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Russia: Before And After Makeup On Russians [PHOTOS]

Gawker: Teacher Passes Out After Using Heroin In Class

Guyism: Guy Takes Out Little Girl Doing Stupid Dance

Barstool: NY Cop Under Investigation For Telling Street Vendor To Blow Her

BroBible: Is This The High School Version Of The Jadeveon Clowney Hit?

TheChive: Now That’s My Kinda Party! [PHOTOS]

HuffPost: Cops Find Gator In Hot Tub

DeadSpin: LeBron Calls Out Former Celtics Players For Being Hypocrites

Gothamist: Rich Girl Would Like Poor People To Stop Making Her Feel Bad

DailyMail: Super Hot Kate Middleton Plays Volleyball In Skinny Jeans

Conan: News Anchors React To Mike Myers’ Baby Same Way

CollegHumor: Your Facebook Newsfeed Drinking Game

COEDMagazine: A Relationship Summed Up In 5 Minutes

EliteDaily: Signs You Have A Stage 5 Clinger On Your Hands

HyperVocal: This Pumpkin Tap Kit Will Bring Your Party To Another Level

UpRoxx: Michael Bay Explains The On-Set Fight Of Transformers 4

GeeksAreSexy: The 25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes In Film


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