Why You Don’t Challenge A Retired Korean Boxer To A Fight

Posted: October 30, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, Sports
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Youtube: The guy wearing white gloves is an ex-professional boxer, he gets paid to get beat by regular citizens on the street in Korea. For some reason that tourist got overconfident. He tells the boxer to punch back as well so the boxer suggests that he will only use left hand against the challenger…

Street hustlers always have the upper hand. They take your money day in and day out for a living and that’s why they are called hustlers. So when a retired boxer says he’ll take it easy on you and will only use his left hand, you have to imagine that he’s a goddamn lefty. Gotta be nothing worse than waking up on the street in Korea surrounded by people and not having any idea where the fuck you are.

Side note: Have you ever seen someone walk into a punch worse than this black dude? Lights out!



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