I’m Absolutely Stunned At The Divorce Between Courtney Stodden And That Extra From ‘Lost’

Posted: November 7, 2013 by subwaycreatures in News
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DailyMail: Many would would agree that divorce is an unpleasant experience. But for Courtney Stodden, who confirmed her ‘amicable’ spit from husband Doug Hutchison on Tuesday, it’s merely a walk in the park – or even down Sunset Boulevard. Just hours after the controversial revealed their plans to divorce in a joint statement to MailOnline, Courtney was letting her hair down in Hollywood with a gaggle of friends. The aspiring model and actress, 19, dressed up to the nines in a tiny LBD and vertiginous leopard print heels. Regret over the failure of her two-an-a-half-year marriage to Green Mile star Doug, 53, appeared to be the furthest thing from her mind. Instead she enjoyed revelling at Hollywood’s iconic dive bar and grill, Rainbow, where she presumably was sipping on soda rather than spirits. In a statement to MailOnline on Tuesday, the estrange couple confirmed they were legally separating, but that Doug will remain as Courtney’s co-manager alongside her mother Krista.

Well hell, I’d say they beat the under/over at least! I guess now Courtney will keep searching for that cash cow and probably get more surgery until her face won’t move while Doug will probably swallow a shotgun at this point. Not much out there for a struggling actor who is infamous for dating underage girls. Actually doesn’t that sum up LA in one sentence? Maybe he’ll be fine. But anyone who thinks this was an amicable split probably thinks the Kardashians are real people too. That Hollywood is a strange, strange place I tell ya.

Side note: Anyone who walks their dog dressed like that should not be allowed to own one nor should I be blogging about them–fuck my life.



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