Bored? Here’s What You Should Check Out Today

Posted: November 8, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, Dumb, Funny, News, Photos, Sexy, Sports
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Gawker: Dad Calls Cops On Son To Teach Him A Lesson, Cops Shot Boy Dead

Guyism: Brutus The Barber Beefcake Shows Up At City Hall To Berate Rob Ford

Barstool: Top 5 Groups You’d Never Want To  Run Train On Your Sister

BroBible: Watch The Time Lapse Of A Homeless War Vet Get Made Over

The Chive: You Can’t Explain That! [PHOTOS]

HuffPost: Typhoon About To Hit Philippines Could Be Biggest Storm In History Of The World

Deadspin: Tom Brady Can’t Get Over How Small The Red Sox Players Are

Gothamist: Glenn Beck Urges NY State To Secede From NYC Before It Becomes The Next Detroit

DailyMail: Here’s Pics Of The Brazilian Hooker Who Videotaped Bieber Sleeping

TMZ: Kate Upton’s Naked Body Paint Video

WorldWideInterweb: 20 Photos Taken Right Before Disaster Struck [PHOTOS]

COED: Tara Reid’s 40 Hottest Pics Before Her 38th Birthday, Yes 38th! [PHOTOS]

EliteDaily: Russia’s Prom Pictures Are Wilder Than You’d Ever Expect! [PHOTOS]

HyperVocal: Chicago Bus Rider Hates Marriage Equality

TFM: Drunk Hockey Fan Rips Off Players Helmet And Wears It

TIME: Man Says It’s His Right To Takes Upskirt Pics On Subway

Distractify: 22 Most Incredible Places To Sleep In The World [PHOTOS]


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