University Of Georgia’s QB, Aaron Murray, Has A Hot New Girlfriend

Posted: November 13, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Sexy, Sports
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Some of you might recognize Kacie McDonnell. She’s not only the hot weather girl down in Philadelphia, but she was also named Smoke Show of the Year on Barstool Sports a few years back. About a month ago I posted a blog about the hottest girlfriends and wives of college quarterbacks and I was scratching my head why I couldn’t find one for Aaron Murray. Not gonna lie, the guy is a good looking dude. Now I know. He was just holding out for Kacie McDonnell. Makes so much sense. Oh yea…too bad Aaron’s getting Christian Ponder’s sloppy seconds.



  1. jay says:

    It is very stupid and immature to say that because someone else was with someone before you, “you are getting the sloppy seconds”. That means you only can have virgins?. That once a woman has been with someone, She is spoiled forever? What kind of person will say something like that?

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