Bored? Here’s What Your Should Check Out Today

Posted: January 24, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, Dumb, Funny, News, Photos, Sexy, Sports
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Man bored at work in office


Vice: Opera Singer Forced To Retire Because She Farts Too Much

Gawker: Watch Farrah Abraham Get Caught In A Lie About Her Sex Tape

Guyism: By Far The Best Reaction To Justin Bieber’s Arrest

Barstool: Little Kids Reenact Richard Sherman’s Rant

BroBible: Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm Insult Supercut

TheChive: Kids Notes That Completely Lack A PC Filter [PHOTOS]

HuffPost: Deer With Massive Fart In Woods

DeadSpin: NFL Gets Another Bad Lip Reading Treatment

Gothamist: NYC Map Shows How Many Rats Live On Your Street

DailyMail: Russian Ghost Ship Is Headed For Land With Cannibal Rats Aboard

Ranker: Hottest Cheerleaders Of Super Bowl XLVIII

Uproxx: Ultimate Bike Jump Fail Compilation

COED: Yes, This Happened [PHOTOS]

WorldStarHipHop: Kanye West REALLY Fucked Up In A Club

Distractify: 24 Terrified Dogs At The Vet [PHOTOS]

TIME: This Satellite Image Of The Northeast Covered In Snow Will Make You Want A Space Heater

Viralnova: Here Are 20 Places You’d NEVER Think Are Real…But They Are


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