Bored? Here’s What You Should Check Out Today

Posted: January 31, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, Dumb, Funny, News, Photos, Sexy, Sports
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Man looking fed up   Original Filename: 57158971.jpg


Gawker: Daring Mid-Air Rescue Of Unconscious Skydiver

Guyism: Cheerleader Hits Amazing Half Court Shot

Barstool: Banned Super Bowl Commercial For Dream Water

BroBible: Bill Burr Hilariously Defends Justin Bieber

TheChive: Architecture I Plan On Spending All My Weekends In [PHOTOS]

DeadSpin: Wes Welker Walks Out On Awkward Interview

Gothamist: New Yorker Becomes First Professional Cuddler?

WorldWideInterweb: The Funniest Nightclub Faces Of All Time [PHOTOS]

COED: Yes, That Happened [PHOTOS]

WorldStarHipHop: Little Dude Gets Knocked Out By Two Huge Dudes

HyperVocal: Panic As Tourist Boat Sinks In Thailand

Uproxx: Alison Brie And Jimmy Kimmel Dramatically Read Missed Connections

Distractify: The 10 Craziest Things That Happened During The 2-Inch Blizzard In The South


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