Derek Jeter Calling It Quits At End Of Year; Here’s His Female Farewell Offerings By City

Posted: February 12, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Sexy, Sports
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It’s Facebook official. Derek Jeter came out and said he’s ‘never been so sure’ of wanting to retire at the end of this coming season. That being said, you can only imagine what his Farewell Fuck Tour is going to look like. If you remember, Mariano Rivera was given all sorts of shit from every team whose ballpark he stepped foot in for the last time. But this is Derek Jeter we’re talking about here. The Yankee captain who made a living of banging the hottest women on earth and sending them home with gift baskets of signed baseballs. So here’s a list of who Jeets will probably pound on his last go-around by division. Stay tuned for a different division each day

American League East

New York: Is there a 10 he hasn’t tagged yet?

Baltimore: Stacy Keibler. WWE (Rosedale, Md)


Toronto: Laura Vandervoort. Smallville (Toronto, Canada)


Tampa Bay: Kate Upton. Model (Melbourne, FL)


Boston: Maria Menounos. Television Personality (Medford, MA)



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