Here’s The Video Of The Guys Who B.A.S.E. Jumped From The Top Of The Freedom Tower

Posted: March 25, 2014 by subwaycreatures in News
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James Brady, 32 (a construction worker at 1 World Trade Center); Andrew Rossig, 33; Marko Markovich, 26; and Kyle Hartwell, 29 were charged with reckless endangerment, burglary and BASE jumping for the September 30, 2013 incident. (Burglary is a felony, while reckless endangerment and BASE jumping are misdemeanors.) In the criminal complaint Detective Driton Gashi states, “I have seen video footage that shows defendants James Brady, Andrew Rossig, and Marko Markovich jump from the steel support rings on the 105th floor of One World Trade Center, deploy parachutes during their descent, and land on the open streets below where drivers and pedestrians were traveling, thereby creating a substantial risk of serious physical injury to those people.”


Obviously it takes a huge set of balls to pull of what these guys did but I was thinking more about the people on the ground. Imagine coming home from the bar at 4am and parachuters starting landing around you in downtown Manhattan? That’s some Red Dawn kind of shit right there. I would’ve thought for sure we were being invaded. And how much would it have sucked to survive that jump and then get crushed by a taxi upon landing? Ironic to say the least. Also, people know that when you post something to Youtube, others can see it right? Like you’ve just incriminated yourself on a felony charge and will most likely lose your job. Hopefully the money you make from the Youtube views will help with that unemployment bail.

Side note: Is anyone else a little worried how much free access people have had to the new Freedom Tower?! I would like to think this would be one of the most protected buildings in NY at this point but what do I know?



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