New Craze: Kids Putting Burt’s Bees On Their Eye Lids For Some Kind Of High

Posted: April 29, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Dumb
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Gothamist: The concept of Beezin’ is simple enough: spread a good amount of Burt’s Bees-brand mint lip balm on/around your eye and your face goes on a crazy-ass menthol trip. Beezin’ gives you about ten minutes of minty, clouded vision and a fuckload of tears. If you’ve ever dove eyes-open into a pool of Scope (who hasn’t?) then you know the feeling. Having Burts Bees on your eyelids feels like riding in a convertible through a mint field in January. It’s cold yet somehow comforting.


So this has actually been around since 2005 and it’s called Beezin’. Let’s just officially put it on the list of dumbest ways kids are looking for some kind of high. I feel old as shit saying this but whatever happened to cutting class and smoking a joint in the middle of the day? No, instead these little bastards are cramming vodka soaked tampons up their asses along with funnels of beer. Or how about chugging hand sanitizer or smoking coffee grinds? All on the ever growing list of retarded shit the youth of America is doing these days. Why would anyone want this? Not a good look.





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