NJ Frat Spray Paints A Dead Whale That Washed Up On The Beach

Posted: May 2, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Dumb, News
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Gawker: A 15-foot Minke whale washed up in New Jersey, and it wasn’t long before someone notified the authorities. And by “notified the authorities,” I mean “spraypainted a fraternity logo on the dead whale.” Atlantic City Police said the purple tag on the whale’s body appeared to be the Greek letters of Tau Epsilon Phi, a fraternity that has chapters at three nearby universities, and the number 94. TEP is headquartered in Voorhees, N.J. According to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, the whale had been dead “for days” when it was found on Thursday. There were no signs of trauma, and the cause of death is unknown. Boardwalk business owners are less upset about the graffiti than about the fact that the whale will be buried nearby. They fear the smell will be unbearable during the summer.


Good ol’ New Jersey. My old stomping ground never stops surprising me when it comes to making the news in negative ways. Whether it’s parents naming their kid Adolf Hitler, high school kids pissing in hallways and destroying their school, or students spray painting dead animals, New Jersey is always there to take the cake in headlines. Don’t worry though, as long as Florida is still a state it’ll never be the worst. How about this one though? I wonder who did this? Let’s start at the closest TEP fraternity house around the corner, right? With the way this went down I wouldn’t be surprised if authorities walked into the house and a couple of the brothers were passed out on the floor drunk with purple spray paint all over them.

In other news the dead blue whale in Canada hasn’t blown up yet! http://hasthewhaleexplodedyet.com/



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