The Woman Squirting Breast Milk Into Her Company’s Shared Milk Carton Is The Fakest Video In A While [NSFWish]

Posted: May 6, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Dumb
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People, have we not learned to believe about 1% of the shit you see on the internet? People like Jimmy Kimmel and viral video marketers have ruined everything out there. I saw this posted all over the web by various blogs this morning reporting it like it was real and immediately had my doubts (as everyone should’ve). A woman, who doesn’t even look over her shoulder, just pulls her skirt up at work and starts streaming a frozen rope of breast milk into the community milk carton?? I’m not buying it. If this really happened then where is the news story about how she was not only fired but probably facing criminal charges? Can’t find one–I looked everywhere. Someone prove me wrong…don’t worry, I’ll wait.





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