LeBron Is Clearly One Of The Biggest Hypocrites In The World

Posted: May 30, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Sports
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One of the only things I hate more than attention whores are hypocrites. The fact that Bron Bron was able to call himself a “professional” with a straight face the other night leads me to think that he actually believes that. Now of course he is a professional basketball player but that’s not what he was referencing here. He was talking about the way Lance Stephenson turned him into an instant meme and that he’s way more mature than that. Really dude? Cause ESPN aired an entire montage of you, Wade and Ostrich clowning around on the court right before game 5. Grow up Peter Pan.

Side note: D-Wade was definitely trying to hold in laughter during that portion of the press conference.





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