Caption Contest Winners

Posted: July 17, 2015 by subwaycreatures in Caption of the Week


Here are the top 3 captions in no specific order.

@AbbottMatt “Sorry honey that was supposed to go to your mother”

@francesco_totino “So maybe I shouldn’t have taken a shit in his apartment”

@nobletruth8 “I can’t be in a serious relationship with you Cheryl when you have a fucking duck on your book bag!”

There was certainly no shortage of good captions this week but how can I ignore @StephenKendrick‘s comment. You sick and twisted fuck! I have to admit I laughed and that’s the point. Good luck writing the script for the next ‘Hills Have Eyes’ movie. He wrote:

“….that awkward moment…when you accidentally send nudes to your dad….And he asks for more….And you send him more…And he sends you a dick pic…And then your dad cheats on his wife (your mom) with you…And then you find out you’re pregnant from your dad with twins, and your dad posts the sonogram…And hashtags #incestisbest…Ans instead of your parents divorcing…You marry your mom and dad…And then your dad is your husband and your mom is your wife and your kids are his grandkids/own kids and you’re siblings with your own kids all at the same time…”

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