Top Captions From Yesterday’s Instagram Post

Posted: December 2, 2015 by subwaycreatures in Uncategorized



Now’s the point where you look at the captions listed below and say ‘mine was SO much better than that!’ Seemed like ‘subway & chill’ or some variation of that was the most obvious choice for most of you so I went the other direction. Sometimes doing less is more and keeping it simple is better. In no specific order…

@pouwlow “How I met your mother”

@xjosephredbeardx “We met at the Sketchers outlet store.”

@40.ouncer “I swear to god officer she was choking on a jolly rancher, I wouldn’t say I’m a hero, just doing what anyone else would do…yes sir that’s my penis inside her.”

@tinydaniela “Jennifer proved to Dave that you CAN be in two tunnels at the same time.”

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